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Welcome to the home page of the Urban Collaborative Divorce Law Firm LLC. Here you can quickly learn about how we are different – this is a different kind of law firm, with a different kind of lawyer serving a different kind of divorce client.

How Brian’s Clients Are Different

Brian’s clients are divorcing spouses who are searching for a BETTER WAY THAN DIVORCE LITIGATION to end their marriages. The firm’s umbrella of clients include:
  • Clients who wish to protect their minor and adult children from the damage that frequently occurs when the parents engage in divorce litigation.
  • Clients who wish to protect their privacy and avoid public disclosures of private business and asset matters in a courtroom.
  • Clients who wish to avoid the risks which arise in litigation when a stranger makes the life-altering decisions surrounding their parenting plan, their allocation of assets, and their future cash flow.
  • Clients who wish to obtain a divorce with their dignity intact.
  • Clients who wish to engage in a safe, well-informed and creative problem-solving environment.
  • Clients who wish to preserve their ability to communicate with their former spouses at future family events, such as graduations, weddings, holidays, and the like.
Our Family In Two Homes

How Brian Is Different From Other Attorneys

From his many years of family law experience, Brian Urban embraces:
  • Utilizing negotiation processes, with an emphasis on the Collaborative Divorce process, which focus on each client’s unique interests.
  • Educating each client so that the client can choose both the divorce process and the ultimate resolution which best fits that client’s needs.
  • Delivering the Collaborative Divorce process in a manner which provides a safe container for not only well-informed but also empowered decision-making by his clients.
  • Providing individualized, personal attention to every matter, including prompt replies to email and phone messages from clients on generally the same business day, but no later than the end of the next business day.
  • Engaging in only limited scope representations with clients – Brian will not under any circumstances engage in litigation on behalf of any clients because he has seen the destruction it causes and has instead dedicated his practice to clients who wish to avoid litigation.

How Brian’s Law Firm is Different

This law firm utilizes the lessons learned from the COVID 19 pandemic to be a Virtual Law Office, which means that:
  • Zoom Video Conferences are used for client consultations, meetings and dissolution hearings, allowing clients to avoid the time and inconvenience of traveling to a physical law office.
  • The lawyer works remotely and all disclosure documents are exchanged, reviewed and stored electronically.
  • All agreements reached are prepared, reviewed and signed electronically.
  • Limited scope representations, such as Collaborative Divorce, Mediation and “Kitchen Table” dissolutions, are ideally suited as they can be effectively and promptly delivered in a convenient manner to the client.

How We Work Together with You

  • Phone calls and email are promptly returned, generally the same business day, but no later than the end of the next business day.
  • Attorney and clients participate in a partner-like relationship in decision-making.
  • Clients select resolution alternatives that are compatible with preserving their individual interests.

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